Two ways to get grass on your lawn fast

If you have been asking yourself who you can grow grass on your lawn fast and haven't come up with an answer, it's time to call the experts at Southern Hydroseeding.

The One Stop Lawn Shop (Southern Hydroseeding), based in Southern Victoria, services southern New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. We've been in business since 1998, and can offer two solutions to your problem.

One way to produce grass on the bald patch of land which is currently your garden or backyard is hydroseeding. This is a process for the development or production of real grass. The process depends on two things: the Hydroseeding Victoria mix and the special pump. The Victorian hydroseeding mix is an amalgamation of mulch, fertilizers, water and grass seeds. All of these ingredients are important for the super fast growth of grass. Water and mulch prepare the initial environment for the growth of grass, while the fertilizers let the seeds gets used to its effect from their very period of growth. Due to the process of hydroseeding, you can hope to get grass on your lawn as fast as within 3 months.

In case you wish to have grass on your lawn or backyard faster than this, then consider opting for: artificial grass. Made from highly durable and tensile-strength fibres which are machine-cut in such a way so as to resemble real grass to a great degree.

Both the processes are carried out by the highly experienced teams of the company. These are done in such a way so as not to damage the environment. For these processes, the latest technologies and vehicles are used.


The grass can be greener on 'your' side of the fence.

A great lawn (Synthetic or Organic) with our one stop landscaping service will make your home the envy of your street.