Modular Walls

An alternative to rendered brick walls with the same premium look. No cracking. Less noise. Easy install. At half the price of bricks.

It can often be a struggle to get a quick wall at a reasonable cost. When you factor in council permits, the skills needed, and having to hire heavy machinery and tradies, you’re easily looking at thousands of dollars - and weeks, if not months to get the job done.

But what if there was a way to install a wall in days, rather than weeks?

What if there was a way to avoid the need for strip footings?

What if there was a super easy DIY option with expert support only a call away - rather than having to hire a tradie?

There is a way: modular walls.

ModularWalls is a product designed by ModularWalls (the business). It’s based on composite wall panels with a unique post system.

These have been designed specifically to reduce noise by 20+ decibels. Perfect to maintain a peaceful environment for individuals, and whole communities.

Other huge benefits include affordability, easy DIY installation, and it can be used for a wide range of applications.


Applications and product range


Whether you’re after modular walls for residential or commercial use, we can help you find the right product for indoors and outdoors.

  • External prestige fencing

  • Boundary walls (eg. slim wall fencing, estate wall)

  • Retaining walls

  • Impact resistance noise barriers  (eg. acoustic fence panels, temporary noise barriers)

  • High-tech sound absorbing wall panels

Product Range

Wall and fence collections:

SlimWall ™ : Premium fencing solution, most cost effective
VogueWall ™ : Most popular wall, superior noise reduction
EstateWall ™ : Make a grand statement, retain up to 750mm

Download the ModularWalls Residential Brochure (PDF, XXKB)


The difference between modular fencing and other types of fencing

  1. Noise reduction

  2. Cost savings

  3. Compliant

  4. Lightweight and no strip footings

  5. No specialist trades or skills needed

  6. Longer lasting

  1. Noise reduction: Modular fencing has been tested and rated by the National Acoustic Laboratory. It blocks urban noise at least four times more than timber or metal. So you’ll hear less of that crying baby, bored dog, or lawnmower.

  2. Cost savings: Half the cost of rendered brick or masonry. Leaving more in your budget for that water feature, plants, or furniture.

  3. Lightweight and no strip footings: Perfect for easements over underground services, near pools or other areas where masonry is too heavy.

  4. Compliant: More likely to meet council regulations than usually needed for brick work. Saves you the time and cost of applying, waiting, and complying with unmet regulations.

  5. No specialist bricklaying or masonry trades needed: Designed for easy installation with everything included in a set.

  6. Longer Lasting: Made to withstand Aussie conditions. Panels won’t rust or dent unlike metal fencing. It won’t crack over time, unlike brick walls. And it won’t rot or discolour unlike timber fencing. It’s stronger than slotted fencing. And has a solid structure made to last.

ModularWall Installation

There are 2 ways to install your ModularWalls:

  1. DIY

  2. Professional

DIY installation

No need to dig, use heavy machinery or hire a tradie. So you’ll save heaps!

It’s as simple as these 4 steps:
Step 1: Dig holes
Step 2: Concrete posts
Step 3: Slide in panels
Step 4: Custom finished (as you wish)

Best of all, you are not alone: The ModularWalls head office will help you through the process with 7-day phone support. You’ll get help to choose the right material and be guided you with 3D drawings, installation guide, and easy-to-follow installation videos on YouTube.

  • Watch how modular walls are installed

Professional installation

Despite the DIY option, let’s face it: some of us aren’t wired for projects like these. Or perhaps you are much too busy. No worries. Our tradies can head over to your place for a site assessment and give you a free quote.

Our tradies are professional installers with knowledge about councils and ground conditions that will get the job done smoothly. What’s more they’ll project manage everything: materials, tools, and manpower so the only thing you need to do is cast your eye over the final result.

About ModularWalls

The product, ModularWalls was designed and manufactured by Nick Holden more than 30 years ago. In his 20s, he was a one-man show with a single innovative residential product. His business shares the same name as his product: ModularWalls. 

Today, there’s a large team. Bigger production facilities. A long list of satisfied customers. And impressive projects such as installing the acoustic walls for the Sydney Opera House!

Since then, the research and innovation, and engineering teams have come up with many more solutions for residential and commercial use. And they’re still inventing.

  • Watch Founder Nick Holden speak of his journey

Modular walls

  • Australian-designed and manufactured

  • 15 year warranty

  • 7-day full support for DIY installation

  • Stylish options for every budget

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