Planned Maintenance Agreements

Planned Maintenance Service Agreement

Supa Grass is committed to providing excellence in sporting construction. We do this by providing quality service, construction and equipment. To keep your court and base in optimum condition, Supa Grass now offer a Planned Service Agreement.

Synthetic grass surfaces will last longer and perform more effectively with regular professional cleaning and grooming. Supa Grass will also inspect the entire facility and fill out a condition report before leaving. If extra work not covered by the Planned Service Agreement is required it may be done at time of planned service saving you site establishment fees normally incurred.

The Planned Maintenance Service Agreement program is computer-tracked and we remind you when it is time for your scheduled maintenance. You don’t have to give it a second thought.

What Do You Get With A Planned Service Agreement?

  • Mechanically power brush entire surface to level and clean sand infill.

  • Check and correct sand infill levels.

  • Spray with Algae Treatment.

  • Written condition report.

  • Check for ant intrusion and nesting.

  • Check for base undulations and repair if possible from above the surface.

  • Sport field specific services eg. Tennis:
    - Check net winder mechanism and lubricate.
    - Check net for sharp/dangerous wire protrusions and make safe, reset net height.
    - Check centre eye and net.
    - Check white lines and seams for splitting and repair.

  • Client will receive a 15% discount on all labour on extra work if agreed and carried out at time of planned service.

    If extra work cannot be completed at time of service client will receive 50% discount on site establishment fee and 15% discount on labour if extra work agreed to at time of service.

For advice on the planned maintenance that best suits your needs please contact us and we can discuss the options with you.

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