How to hydroseed your lawn at home

How Can You Hydroseed Your Residential Lawn?

Many homeowners desire a lush green and healthy lawn. But they often get confused which grass planting technique would provide the best results. Hydroseeding is now being suggested by many grass planters as it provides effective results in getting a healthy looking lawn. This technique was invented in the United States in '50s and since then it is being widely used all over the world. Today this technique is used for lawns, commercial areas as well as sports fields.

The hydroseeding technique is preferred today as it is cost effective, provides faster results and it helps in controlling soil erosion. Moreover this process of Residential Seeding Warrnambool is also less complex and laborious than sod application or hand seeding.

In this grass planting technique a mixture is made in the hydro mulching machine. The mixture includes grass seeds, fertilizers, water and mulch which consist of wood or paper.  The mulch material is very important as it helps in the germination of the seeds. Once all the ingredients are mixed properly they are ready to be sprayed onto the well prepared soil. With the help of a hose attached to the tank the whole mixture is sprayed over the soil forming a green coating over it.

After the mixture is evenly spread on the soil for the next two weeks it is watered to keep it moist otherwise the seeds will dry up. With proper watering, weather conditions and micro environment created by the mulch, the grass starts coming out and within a month the whole area is covered with healthy green grass.

This grass planting technique is ideal for those who want an instant lawn... call us for more information.

The grass can be greener on 'your' side of the fence.

A great lawn (Synthetic or Organic) with our one stop landscaping service will make your home the envy of your street.