Get grass on your lawn sooner than you'd think

Get grass on your lawn sooner than you and your neighbours would think possible.

Are you a home owner who desires to make the area around your home beautiful? The manager of an office and seek to beautify the lawns around your office building? Or the owner of a professional sports field and need the perfect solution to keep the fields in perfect condition?

Regardless, the services of The One Stop Lawn Shop is bound to help you out. There are many products and services which are capable of bringing your beautification dreams into reality.

The first and perhaps the foremost product of the company is Artificial Grass. These are made of industrial category synthetic fibers that are incredibly long lasting. These products are highly versatile because you can use them just about anywhere, from office complexes, parks and playgrounds, commercial developments, athletic stadiums, school grounds, parks, around shopping centers, golf courses and much more. The advantages are too innumerable to count. It makes your field seem green all year round, regardless of whether it is summer or winter. You do not need to water it or fertilize it. There is no fear of dead patches and you do not even need to edge it!

Another product, or rather service, of the company is Hydroseeding. This is a method by which you can have grass in your lawn in as little as three weeks, with full grown grass within 6 months. This is comparatively short, since contemporary grass growing methods such as sodding takes almost a year. Moreover, it is labor intensive and costs a lot. Hydroseeding, on the other hand, is an economic solution. And that’s not all! It has many other advantages such as dust suppression, rapid seed growth, reduced wind and water erosion and efficient application.


The grass can be greener on 'your' side of the fence.

A great lawn (Synthetic or Organic) with our one stop landscaping service will make your home the envy of your street.