Geelong Hydroseeding

Geelong Hydroseeding

Boost your landscape with the most effective green grass solution in Geelong! Establish your new lawn with hydroseeding and see rapid results, thanks to The One Stop Lawn Shop. Many clients from the Geelong region are tired of waiting for months to see grass with conventional processes, and have turned to the local Lawn Shop professionals, the Southern Hydroseeding team. From Lara to Lorne, from Queenscliff to Little River, along the Bellarine Peninsula and right across the Barwon region: wherever you need robust grass fast, you need the experts.

Real Seed, Real Grass

Hydroseeding develops and produces authentic, natural grass. With a technologically balanced blend of fertilizers, mulch, grass seeds and water, the sowing process results in a rich soil infused with life. Less complex than sod application and avoiding the labour-intensive process of hand-seeding, hydroseeding produces amazing growth in 3-4 months, compared to a hopeful expectation of around 12 months using traditional methods.

Benefits of Hydroseeding:

  • Low Cost

  • Fast Application

  • Efficient Process

  • High Percentage Germination

  • Rapid Growth

  • Reduced Erosion

  • Even Effective in Steep Slopes or Quarries

  • Dust Suppression

Experts in the Field

From germination to final crop, the professional service of The One Stop Lawn Shop continues to assist you with reaching the desired grassy outcome. The team love to consult with prospective clients, and they believe in the products they use. The staff at The One Stop Lawn Shop will guide you to make decisions relevant to your unique yard area, and can help you understand every step of the process – Consultation, Design and Build - including how to keep the terrain moist during the vital early stages of development.

Our Clients

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Aesthetically Pleasing – Budget Sensitive

Some other companies offer landscaping at an exorbitant price; others offer a quick-fix to save money that ends up looking awful.  Wouldn’t you prefer a reliable service that appeals to both the eye and the pocket? Wherever you need grass, The One Stop Lawn Shop will answer your questions and transform your soil using mix specifically blended to your requirements. The team understand the unique terrain found across the peninsula beachside areas as well as inland industrial zones and residential suburbs too.

Applications for Hydroseeding

  • Golf Courses

  • Tennis Courts

  • Bowling Greens

  • Cricket Grounds

  • Athletic Stadiums

  • Parks

  • School Yards

  • Residential Lawns

  • Gardens

  • Shopping Centres

  • Nature Strips

  • Sand Dune Stabilisation

  • Quarries

  • Mines

In Geelong, efficient landscaping is just around the corner. Contact us today!

The grass can be greener on 'your' side of the fence.

A great lawn (Synthetic or Organic) with our one stop landscaping service will make your home the envy of your street.