A guide to hydroseeding techniques

A Guide to the Hydroseeding Technique for Residential Lawns

Hydroseeding is one of the most effective ways to install new lawns residential. It is a new technique which is gradually replacing the traditional methods like hand seeding, sodding etc. This method was first introduced in the '50s in United States and since then it has become the best way to grow healthy green grass on any surface.

In this technique a mixture is prepared in the hydro mulching machine. The mixture consists of grass seeds, mulch, fertilizer, water and other additives. The mulch material is the most essential ingredient in this mixture as it provides nutrient to the seeds which helps in their germination. It keeps the seeds in the right place and retains the moisture in the soil.  It also helps in controlling soil erosion.

Once the mixture is prepared in the hydro mulching machine, it is sprayed all over the prepared soil with a hose covering it with a green coating. The best time for hydroseeding a lawn is in the beginning of the season, so that the soil gets enough sunlight.

After the whole soil is covered with the mixture, for two weeks it is regularly watered to keep it moist all the time. Within 7 to 10 days the grass blades start showing up and the watering is decreased gradually. Within a month the whole area is covered with lush green grass but experts always advice to mow it to get better growth.

This technique of grass plantation has become popular because it is a cost effective solution. It can save 50% of the cost of sodding. Moreover hydroseeding provides faster and much better results than the other seed plantation methods. It can be done on any surface be it on plain land or slopes.

The grass can be greener on 'your' side of the fence.

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