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Acrylic Sports Surfaces (Hard Courts)

Perfect Hard Courts

KCL VIC SPORTS have been using Adcrete Industries for the past 8 years as our preferred supplier for acrylic sport surfaces with Playpave being our preferred surface.

The specialised resins used in the production of Playpave provide excellent scuff resistance in both wet and dry conditions. The Playpave surface system for asphalt bases comprises of two applications of filler coat and at least one application of top coat.

Ball bounce on Playpave is completely true and ball speed can be varied by the application technique of the qualified contractor.

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  • Early water resistance
  • Dries rapidly
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent scuff resistance (in wet and dry)
  • Provides best traction
  • Is easily cleaned
  • Remains flexible
  • Provides true ball bounce and controlled speed

Typical Uses

  • Tennis courts
  • Netball courts
  • Outdoor play areas
  • Volleyball courts
  • Multi-purpose sports courts

Base Options

HotMix / Asphalt - This is the most popular base for Acrylic surfaces due to it being relatively “soft” under foot compared to concrete. It is also cheaper than concrete to install.
Concrete - This is the most stable base for Acrylic surfaces as it is unaffected by tree roots and minor settling. Concrete bases are generally hard on legs but this can be overcome by using a cushion coat system which softens the foot fall.

Surface Options

Standard Coat - A base coat is applied, followed by two colour coats.
Cushion Coat - A flexible cushion coat is applied before the above process.
Colour - A red playing surface with green outer is most popular but almost any colour is available. See our colour simulator for a colour combination that would suit you or your club.

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Netball & School Multipurpose sports areas

Generally these courts are Acrylic with the same base & surface options as the Acrylic Tennis Courts. We supply and install a wide range of posts and fittings for netball and basketball courts.
We have also installed multipurpose playing areas in synthetic grass which look fantastic.

Tennis court synthetic Blue

Tennis courts for Schools, Clubs & Homes

We can design and construct Tennis Courts in either Acrylic or Synthetic Grass. We supply and install a wide range of fences, posts & nets for tennis courts. Read more about Acrylic vs Synthetic Grass court surfaces.

Track and Field installation

Track & Field or School games surfaces

Whether it's a game of snakes and ladders, four square or hop scotch or professional track & field courses. Acrylic sports surfaces can deliver long wearing, cushioned and clean finishes for schools or clubs.

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A great lawn (Synthetic or Organic) with our one stop landscaping service will make your home the envy of your street.